Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Twins First Birthday Party

Lily Kate and Ella had their first birthday party yesterday and it was a fun luau! Our closest friends came to the celebration and helped to make it such a sweet occasion. We had their party at a super cool park that has a sandbox, swings and playscapes for different ages and lots of trees. The trees were super important since it was in the 90's yesterday!

The girl's actual birthday isn't for another couple of weeks, but since we will be out of town, we decided to celebrate it a little early with our friends here. I can't believe that my babies will be ONE in a couple of weeks. Amazing!

Here is a picture of the park. My mom and I got there early to do a little decorating action.

Here are the Birthday Divas!Sweet Lily Kate
And my adorable Ella! (I think that Ella may have allergies! Her eyes were red and swollen. Luckily we had an opthamologist at the party who took a peek at her eyes and declared it wasn't anything serious!)
Mrs. Angela and her hubby, Dan, came to the party! We hired Mrs. Angela when I first got pregnant with the twins and was so sick that I could barely take care of the boys. She was an amazing help when I was pregnant and when I first had the twins. It was awesome that she could be with us on their special day!
The girl's friends
Here are Lily and Ella's best buddies!
The birthday girls enjoying some pizza
Nana and Geepa came for the big event. I don't know who was more excited about their or my mom!
Here is Caleb, making sure to get some attention!
My amazing friends, Jess and Julie...aren't these some hot mama's?
The Husbands...I have to pause here to tell you guys that we have the most amazing friends here. Seriously, we are so blessed to have, walking along side us during this journey called parenting and soon - residency, this group of friends that are in the same place as us. Not only are they in the same place as we are, they have the same heart for God and family that we do. These relationships are so rare and precious to us.

The guys below are an awesome group of guys. Most of them have probably worked at least 80 hours this past week (a couple of them were on-call last night!) but they still came out to be with their wives and kids at the party. I always marvel at how they have every excuse to be at home and getting rest, but they put their family first and their relationship with God first. Joseph and I are blessed beyond words to have these people as friends! (It is also a blessing to have a doctor you are friends with who can help out any medical situation we may have - orthopedics, emergency medicine, pediatrics, opthamology, urology, ENT, internal medicine and even a plastic surgeon!) Here are Lily Kate and Ella's boyfriends...they are a couple of months younger than the girls, but my girlie's, like their mama, like their men a little younger!
Kellie and the little queen

Aren't these cakes so cute?!?! Our local grocery store does free 8 inch cakes for first birthdays!

The little girlie's are not too sure what to make of all the singing...Lily Kate keeps looking at her mama to make sure that all is well. Ella is just lookin' around...


Lily Kate...

"Mama, are you sure you don't want to take this away from me?..."
THIS, is indicative of twins ! Although Ella has her own cake, she still has to make sure that her sister isn't getting something better. They do share everything I guess.
And notice that Lily does the same thing! Also, check out that they swipe the other one's when she isn't looking!!
I wanted to get a picture of what my girls did to their cakes and my friends, Lauren and Julie, were the cake models! Check out the damage my girls did to their cakes. Those girlie's can eat for being such petite little things! I guess they take after their mom (snicker....)
Lily, lookin' sweet and yummy!
Ella, lookin' a little perturbed that her cake was taken away from her!!

Well, that my friends, was a fabulous par-tay! We will be having another one when we go to DC for Lovey's graduation. I think the girls have got the hang of this party, cake-eating business! What do you think?


Kellie said...

Aaaahhhhh! They are TOO cute!
It was a great par-tay indeed!

Cloughamily said...

They are so adorable. I kept smiling and giggling while viewing each picture.

Have a great time in DC!!!

Love ya!