Sunday, May 25, 2008

Change of plans

Did I say that we were going home in my last blog post? Well, I was just kidding. Initially we were going to head to my parent's house bright and early Saturday morning, but we were having so much fun with Joseph's parents (and we don't get to see them very often since they live in Alaska!) that we decided to hang out with them and tour some of this great country.

On Saturday we went to Philadelphia and did some of the historical sights there. I was super impressed with all that we saw and with the town of Philadelphia. Great town with so much history and so many things to do. Highly recommend going there. We should have stayed there longer, but decided to head to Roanoke, VA. And there is absolutely no rhyme or reason why we decided Roanoke. Seriously, I just looked at the map and decided Roanoke. Just like that. And that is where the drama began.

Well, we took a wrong turn and got lost in New Jersey. New Jersey doesn't seem that big on the map, but it's stinkin' huge when you are lost there. Joseph and I got into a major fight discussion, that made a bad situation worse and created this 2 hour detour. So Joseph's dad decided to take a stab at getting us back on track and thought that perhaps this would defuse the situation between Joseph and I. At this point I was driving and I had a strong suspicion that he had no idea where he was. Joseph confirmed that suspicion when he finally found us on the map and we were at the bottom of New Jersey headed towards the Atlantic Ocean. We were trying to get to the magical city of Roanoke. And once again I have no idea why we are going to Roanoke, but I knew that we weren't going to get there by driving into the Atlantic.

After we finally found our way back on track (Joseph and I at this point were on speaking terms at least) and got back to Philadelphia, we sat in downtown traffic for over an hour. This was the point where we laughed at how ridiculous we both are and how ridiculous the situation that we were in was. And as a side note, this is one of the things that I love most about Joseph - we can't stay mad long and we are able to apologize and move on quickly! Needless to say, we never ended up at Roanoke and stayed at this creepy hotel in Carlisle, PA. Which brings me to my next crazy story...

I decided to try Priceline for hotels because some good friends are always bragging about what great deals they always seem to get. So here we all are in one of my favorite eateries, Panera Bread, where I decide to try to Priceline a hotel. I had already found a hotel that I wanted to stay at, but it was kinda expensive so in my mind I thought that if I asked for a 1 star hotel, then I may end up with this particular hotel that I wanted. Now, even as I type that I realize that that whole scenario makes absolutely NO sense. I honestly was so tired, worn out from driving and WW 3 with my love, that I should not have been the one making any plans for my group. To save you from hearing all the drama, I will tell you (even though I am sure that there isn't a person reading this that wouldn't be able to figure out the following) if you want a nice hotel, don't Priceline a 1 star. I'm sure you are running to get a pen to write down these pearls of wisdom.

We woke up this morning to head 4 hours to Roanoke and decided about an hour into the drive that perhaps it would be fun to drive the Shenandoah National Park on their scenic skyline drive. And this is where I confess that all these "we" decisions are really "Sab Mad" decisions. Everyone is so laid back and I'm a control freak. As soon as we got to the entrance and realized that we had to pay $15 dollars to use their highway, we should have turned back, but didn't. Instead we spent the next 2 hours going 62 miles. And once again we have failed to make it to Roanoke. Seriously people, we are averaging 30 miles an hour.

But, we are having fun with Joseph's parents and making memories that will last a lifetime. I just am not sure that Roanoke will be in those memories!


Kellie said...

I just "pricelined" for the first time tonight for a rental car and it was thrilling! Sorry yours didn't go so well. What in the WORLD is in Roanoke?!

We miss you!

Sab Mad said...

My friend!!!

I have no idea what is in Raonoke and at this rate I may never find out!

We miss you guys!!

Jessi said...

Answer: There is not a whole lot in Roanoke (we live 30 minutes South in Blacksburg). :-) Although there are some nice wineries in the area. It was quite funny to read that you just "picked" somewhere so close.