Thursday, May 22, 2008

Did you miss me?...

...or better yet, did you even notice I was gone?!?

I am finally back in the land of Internet!! I seriously think I was having withdrawal. And I really was missing blogging.

We are in Pennsylvania and are going to go to Sesame Place today. The kids and our friends are already there, but I am back at the hotel with the little beauties while they get a morning nap. They are so tired and have done awesome on this trip. At home they are used to taking their naps in their cribs, during specific times of the day, and seeing friends that they know. Since we have been on this trip, they have slept in different places, at different times and many days not gotten a decent nap all day. Added to all that is that the girlie's don't like strangers. And we have been blessed with seeing family and friends that we haven't seen in a long time...who also happen to be strangers to the girl's. I feel bad for the grandparents because the unfortunate part is that the girls are just starting to warm up to them. And we are leaving them today.

Solomon's Island was fabulous!! Our cottage was absolutely amazing! I have pictures, but will post them later. The only down side was that I was prepared for the blazing heat of Texas, not the cool temperatures of the east coast! I will write more on all that when I post some pictures.

After our adventures today we are going to head back to my mama's house!! We were going to go through St. Louis and hang out there, but we decided that it would be more fun to go home to my mom's and get some TLC there and also try to get away for the night and leave the kids. While this trip has been amazing and the kids have been delightful, we would love some alone time together before he starts his Intern year.

Well my friends, I just wanted to check in and let you all know that we are doing well! Now that I am back in the land of Internet, you will be hearing from me more often!

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