Thursday, May 01, 2008

I really am a mess

I had a not-so-happy encounter with doctor today.

It all began with a deviated spetum and that I have finally decided I want to get fixed. Lucky for me my SAbff's hubby is a doc and gave me a referral so that I didn't have to waste time going to the doctor to get one. Unlucky for me, I got Dr. Egotrip!

At this point, I must tell you that I don't do well with people who have large ego's. This doctor has an extra large ego. The visit didn't go well.

I got verrrry s-a-s-s-y. I know, hard to imagine.

The whole visit was hostile. Until, he found out that I was friends with one of his ENT partner's. Suddenly his whole demeanor changed. Mine did not. THAT, just made me more mad.

There are few things that make me madder than treating me different because of who I know or who my husband is. And it seems like that happens to me every time I go to the doctor anymore. And I'm not sure how to combat this.

On the other hand, I do often circumvent the system by using my husband or the friends that we know. Hmmmmm. This is a quandary.

And one that I am only recognizing even as I type. This blog really is therapy for me. I'm just sorry that you have to come to the session with me!

I really need to think about this further. Until then, I called my friend whose hubby is a ENT and she is hooking me up with a really good doctor she knows...her husband! Another example of circumvention!

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