Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We made it!!!

Well, we pulled into DC yesterday afternoon and it was cold and raining! Not what I expected or what I packed for! It really is different being back in a big city again and put "traffic" back into perspective!

I have to admit that the trip here was amazing! The kids far surpassed my most wild dreams in how well they did. Both Joseph and I were shocked at how easy 3 days in the car with 4 little kids really was. (It helps that for the last couple of weeks, I have had the absolute worst case scenarios running through my head.) The girlie's barely made a peep in the car and were wonderful in the hotel. The boys did really well and then started to get restless the last couple of hours of the trip. They also did great in the hotel. Seriously, words cannot express how relaxing and fun 3 days in the car turned out to be. Shocking, I know!

Yesterday morning while we were loading the van, I decided that Joseph and I are an amazing team. We really are great partners and work well together. Divide and conquer is definitely our motto with the kids. I am super thankful that I have a hubby who is such a huge help and has no expectations of sitting back and watching me do all the work. He not only pulls his weight, he also tries hard to lessen mine load!

We had the same routine at each hotel in the mornings. Joseph would shower, while I got the kids clothes out and bottle fed the girls. Once he got out of the shower and dressed, he would take the kids down to breakfast while I showered and packed up all the bags. Yesterday morning, he came back to the hotel room laughing at what a spectacle they made at breakfast. He said that people were even going to get their friends to show them this crazy man juggling 4 kids on his own. When I walked down to grab something to eat for the road, I walked into the room and the ladies that worked there said, "You, must be the mom!" I have no idea how they knew, but the proceeded to tell me what a great job Joseph did and that "he's a keeper!" Oh, do I know that by now!

This area of the country is really so beautiful. Lush and green. I am disappointed in how cold it is going to be! I packed for temperatures in the 90's not 60's. I am praying for a heat wave to come through. Otherwise I may have to buy another dress for graduation. That may not be so bad!

It was so awesome to see my Michele. It's like being back home. You know, those friends that you are with for 1 minute and you are right were you left off. I LOVE being in her presence. When I am I feel like I've walked away from someone who knows God in a way that I want to know Him. She really is amazing. And I am confident putting her on a pedestal because I also know her struggles. She rocks. Bottom line.

Well, I guess that is all I have for now. Michele and her kids are at the symphony, my boys are at their Daddy's school probably asking 1,000,000 questions and my sweet little beauties are sleeping. I am excited that they are going to get their first real nap in a couple of days! I think I may go nap too. Or maybe read a book. Or maybe just sit in this amazing house in silence. Later today another really cool lady is coming by to see me. She, Michele and I will sit in Michele's sun room and have coffee and deep conversation. Delicious!

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