Friday, May 09, 2008

Month 4

During month 4, they started laughing. Lily was (and still is) much quicker to laugh and smile than Ella. This is also the point that I started noticing that Lily Kate loves attention. She will smile and try to hold eye contact.

Month 4 is also where I really started trying tummy time. And they really hated it. And since I really dislike them crying, I wasn't very good about making them suffer through tummy time. Perhaps if I had been better about it, Lily Kate wouldn't have all the issues she is having now.

This is also the month that I started obsessing over what the kids were going to be for Halloween. I wanted them all to have a theme, since this was probably the last year that I would be able to get Caleb to go along with it!

Our routine was pretty much completely set by month 4. The girls were sleeping through the night and their naps were set during the day. They were still sleeping a lot and would continue to do so for a long time to come.

Joseph was gone, for a month, again during month 4. And this time I didn't have anyone to help me. But obviously...we survived.

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