Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mad/Ziggy Vacation

Our amazing friends, the Ziggy's, went on vacation with us and as always it was a blast. We have had two other family vacations with them, one to Colorado and one to Alaska and have many great memories together. Mike and Amy were in our wedding and we had our first 2 kids within months of one another. They are treasured friends and watching our kids grow up together is a treat.
Here are some pictures of our time at Solomons Island...

Elise feeding Lily Kate and Amy feeding Ella. Bottle time was a big deal and there was always someone around who wanted to feed the girls.

Mike on the grill

Sweet Elise

I LOVE this picture of the 4 friends!

My Amy, her sweet baby and I enjoying another amazing sunset!

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Miriam said...

Love seeing the pictures of your families together! Your children look like the best of friends!