Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the road again!

Well, day 2 on the road is almost over. My sweet beauties are sleeping, and my boys are all in bed together watching Star Wars!! What an awesome end to their day!

Today went just as well as yesterday!! There were a few glitches to an almost perfect day. And let's just be clear. I am using the word "perfect" in very loose terms. After all, I am traveling with 4 children...yeah, perfect is used very loosely!

Once again, today we moved way faster than I expected. We even got stuck in a huge traffic jam and sat on the highway for an hour, yet we still made it here faster than I thought we would. Seriously, this accident stopped traffic so we got the kids out of their car seats and let them play in the van. They loved it and were not happy campers when they had to go back in their seats because traffic started moving.

We are definitely a travelling circus and there is nothing about us that is inconspicuous. We certainly draw attention every where we go. I can't imagine what it is...the 2 car carriers on top of the packed out van? Or perhaps the Alaska licence plates that lead people to believe that we are crazy enough to drive from Alaska to Arkansas with 4 kids? And if not those two, it has to be all the kids that pile out of the van when we stop anywhere? Or possibly, ALL OF THOSE THINGS?!?!?! Hmmm. I can't imagine.

The kids were all excellent today with the exception of Luke. That child just better be glad that he is so cute and most of the time charming. Otherwise I would have left him on the side of the road for some very kind mom to raise until he got out of this fussy, whiny stage don't know what I would do. Once again, he was the most difficult of my children today.

We are in Tennessee tonight and I decided that it really is beautiful here. Especially after Arkansas. I was totally unimpressed with Arkansas. Sorry to all my Arkansas fans. Elizabeth, please don't be sad. I hope you can forgive me for not finding much to like about your state. Maybe I was just in the wrong spot?!? In any case, Tennessee on the other hand is just gorgeous. And I like their accents here. I'm a sucker for a southern accent.

Tomorrow we should arrive in DC and I am so excited about that. My favorite part about being married to the military is all the amazing people that we meet. And then we part ways, and that is always sad, but we tend to run into them again and that is so fun. Tomorrow I get to see one of my favorite people in the whole wide Michele!! She is the most amazing mama to her 3 boys, and mentor to me, and I absolutely adore her!! Seriously, A-D-O-R-E her!! You would too. I promise.

And then next weekend we get to see another person whom I love and is one of my most bestest friends, Amy!! Our hubbies are friends, our kids are friends...and they are our best friends!! They are coming for Lovey's graduation and then vacationing with us for the week. We have had many family vacations together over the years and it always is so much fun. So MUCH FUN!! Lots of laughing, lots of eating and lots of making fun I wonder why that is?

Well, Star Wars is over so I am going to go to bed. Please keep praying that our travels are safe and continue to be as smooth as they have been the past couple of days!


Sincerely Anna said...

So excited you get to spend time with Michele! Have fun! Sorry you have to drive through all the rain we're having. Yuck!

Elizabeth said...

You must have skipped over Northwest Arkansas. I promise, it's beautiful. Rolling hills, lots of green, and delightful people. But you're right, if you're driving I-40, it's pretty unimpressive. Except for the state parks scattered around. I'll send pictures:)