Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Did I mention...

...that I am going on a 3 week road trip, with 4 children under 6 and have absolutely nothing packed and instead of doing anything productive, I am exhausted because Joseph is out of town??!! Seriously.

He will be back tomorrow and my goal was to have us all packed by the time he gets here. I do not think that I will meet my goal. Or even come close at this point.

But I did have a delicious day today! Delicious! This morning I went with my super-fun-friends to Starbucks. Without any children. During the day. Can you say, "Scandalous?!?!" We were supposed to have bible study here this am, as usual, except I was totally unprepared to lead. And the thought of getting prepared in spite of all that is going on right now was more than I could stomach. So we ditched the study today, kept the babysitters, left all the kids with them at my house and went to coffee together. And it was so fun and just what I needed!! I seriously have the best group of girlfriends. And they are super cute mama's too!

Then after everyone left, my super-awesome-selfless-funny friend stayed at my house and kept me company all afternoon! Poor girl was stuck with me from 9:30am until 7pm. We had lunch together, by ourselves, while all our kids were napping and then spent the rest of the day laughing and taking care of all the kids. I love having a friend that is just willing to hang out all day.

Yep, it was a good day. I plan to be more productive tomorrow. I'm getting a hair cut and pedicure. Okay, maybe I won't be that much more productive. Luckily I am blessed with an amazing hubby who told me not to even worry about packing until he is here to help me. He is such a wise man. I think I might listen to him this time.

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