Friday, May 30, 2008

A first for me

I am doing something that I haven't done in well over a year. Joseph and I are getting away for the next 24 hours without any kids! We are so excited!!

I have to admit that I have never left the kids for any significant time and never left the girls for more than a few hours. When Caleb was a year old I left him for a couple of days and then again when he was 2. And then I left both boys to go to a Weekend to Remember when Caleb was 2 and Luke was 6 months old. That was really hard, but so worth it. And then when Caleb was three I left him with our friends the Ziggy's to go house hunting, but brought Luke with me. And I think that is the last time that I have left the kids outside of having the girls.

Yep, it is time.

And I have to admit that I wish that it were longer. But we made the decision that this trip would be a family trip and then in 3 years, when Joseph is done with residency, I want to do something big. Very big. And without the Darlings.

But, until then I am excited to get away with my love for a little reprieve from the drama Darlings. And I know that they are in great hands with my mom. We are coming back in time for gumbo tomorrow. And we all know how I feel about gumbo.

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