Saturday, May 10, 2008

The beginning

Well, we are on the road for day 1 of our three week adventure! All in all it hasn't been as bad as I thought that it would be. Even as I type, Luke is wiggling in bed next to me, the beauties are sleeping and Caleb is in bed, asleep, with his daddy. Tomorrow I will (hopefully) take some pictures of the makeshift room that we made for the girlies...

Here is the report card that I am handing out at the end of today:
  • Caleb - A- He was fabulous all day and then lost his mind for the last 20 minutes of the day. All over a slush from Sonic. He seriously was dreamy all day.
  • Luke - C He was dramatic all day and had more meltdowns than anyone else (by far!). He has been an angel for the past hour. (I am trying to figure out why they can't be delightful at the same time?!?!?)
  • Lily Kate - B She has had some fussy moments today, but once she found her thumb was happy again. For some reason the girls only suck their thumb in their cribs? Once she figured out that she could suck her thumb in the car too, she was happy!
  • Ella - A I barely heard 2 peeps out of that sweet heart today! She wins the model child award today!!
  • Joseph - B+ He irritated me twice, but let me drive some so that makes up for it! And he is a terrible Deejay. He is awesome with navigation and makes me laugh. So, yeah, I'm sticking with the B+!

Yeah, so this trip has been much better than I expected. Oh, minus the tornadoes that we were racing in Arkansas. I seriously was scared.

BTW - there are some interesting people in Arkansas! Very interesting!

Today's trip wasn't even near as long as I thought that it would be. Mapquest said that it would be 9 hours and it took us 10 hours and 15 minutes. Not too bad with 4 kids. Tomorrow's drive is 8 1/2 hours. And then Monday's drive is 7 1/2 hours. But let's not think about that. Let's just be glad that we all did great today. It will be interesting to see how it goes tonight. This is the first time that all of us have ever spent the night in a hotel.

Well, Luke is now asleep next to me, so I should probably get some shut eye too! Feel free to comment and let me know if you have any questions about our Odyssey! I am hopefully going to blog this craziness, so that I can go back and laugh at myself the next time I think about taking 4 kids on a road trip!


Sincerely Anna said...

I've done the Texas to Maryland road trip too many times to count so I feel for you. So, what grade would you give yourself? I would never earn higher than a C - I have way too many meltdowns and a husband that loves NPR podcasts (and hates that I interrupt them with bits of conversation about the magazine article I'm reading). He wouldn't get higher than a C, either. Hee hee.

Sab Mad said...

Uh, Anna, A+! Because I, like Mary Poppins, am perfectly, perfect, in every way!

Elizabeth said...

I'm from Arkansas. I love Arkansas! But you're right, there are some interesting people there. But I promise it's the greatest place to live- so much variety and the Ozarks are beautiful. The weather there last night was bad (we were in NW Arkansas all weekend). Everyone we know was safe, but it was scary. I'm glad you made it through!