Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It feels like we're home

Well, we made it to my mama's house! Yesterday was our longest day in the car and the most painful yet. Oh, it was painful. Luke was terribly behaved, Caleb marked his territory all through Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, the girls were let out of their car seats for a total of 1 hour and slept even less than that all day and we got stuck in a traffic jam caused by 2 semi trucks colliding. By the time we rolled into a hotel it was 11:30 pm we had been on the road for 14 hours and we were all beat.

It was our first time driving at night and I had high hopes that my kids would go to sleep, but oh-no...those boys are not car sleepers! I had no idea what to expect the kids to do when we got to the hotel so late, but they were all awesome. They just laid down and went to sleep. Little Darlings!

Today started out rough. The boys needed a break from one another, so we moved everyone around in the car. Luke came up closer to us (so much easier to get to him when he was disobeying) and Lily Kate went back with Caleb. The difference that moving them made was amazing. Much better for all of us!

We are now at my mom's and it is good to be home. Especially this home!

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