Sunday, May 11, 2008

Month 6

The 6 month mark is always so big to me. What I remember most from it was how small the girls were (and still are!) for their age. This was the point that I started having them mostly wear dressed because the pants that fit them in length were way too big in the waist. And now, it is unusual to see my girls in anything other than dresses!

I also remember being so nervous at the thought of starting them on solids. I couldn't imagine how I would feed 2 babies at one time. It just seemed to daunting. And then I realized, as with everything else related to twins, you figure out a "new normal". And now, I can't imagine only feeding 1 baby at a time. That seems like cake!

Joseph was gone again during month 6 for 3 weeks. The girls were so fussy in the evenings and while he was gone, I did everything I could just to get through the evenings with them until bed time. That was another hard time. He had been gone so much during the first 6 months of the girlies life and I was so sick of it. I knew, though, that this would be the last trip for a long time and that thought kept me going!

I started keeping way better track of what they were up to during month 6, so if you want to read specifics, head over here.

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