Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Lily Kate and Ella Grace

My sweet, beautiful, baby girls:

I cannot believe that you are one. How did this happen? Wasn't it just yesterday that we first hear the word, "twins" and realized that the doctors were actually talking to us? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was so hugely prego with you and thought that I would surely bust open. Wasn't it just yesterday that Daddy and I were desperately trying to get a room at the hospital so that we could finally meet you? Wasn't it just yesterday that I held you both sleeping in my arms, so tiny and fragile and sweet?

My girls, words cannot express how I love you. I wasn't sure that it was possible for my heart to swell with any more love than that I have for Luke and Caleb. Oh, but how that changed the second I laid eyes on you girls. I love you more than I ever dreamed that I could. So much more.

My fragile, delicate, sweet Lily Kate. I melt at your smile. From the second I saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. You, my girl, were the one that gave me such trouble in the womb. For such a delicate little thing, you are most surely stubborn (you get that from your dad...and mom!) And though you are stubborn it is hard to be frustrated with you because as soon as you smile, I melt! Lily you are so flirty. You make the cutest eyes and crinkle nose smile at people. But only people you know. You are quite timid around people you haven't quite warmed up to. Especially men. Hopefully you stay that way! My prayer for you my little one is that you love our Heavenly Father with complete abandon. That people are drawn to you not just because you are beautiful, but because you shine bright with our Father's love. I pray that you know your Savior in ways that I am seeking to know Him. I pray that you and Ella have a bond that continues to grow stronger each day. I also pray that you marry a man just like your Daddy - brilliant, loving, thoughtful and Godly. Daddy and I love you Lily Kate and are so thankful for this past year with you!

Oh, Ella. You are my adorable, funny, gorgeous little monkey. You are so innocently curious and have the greatest belly laugh. Right now, love, you are the one that I have to keep my eyes on constantly because you are the one getting into naughtiness. And when I move you out of that naughtiness, you don't mind or really even fight me about it because you are off to find more ways to get into trouble! Ella you aren't as timid of strangers as you sister, but still fuss just because she is fussing. You are definitely a sympathy crier. And your sympathy cry is so cute and fake and never lasts very long. Ella Grace, I pray that you use this sympathy as way to be a great encourager! That you are able to love on others and encourage them because you know that only God can provide true hope, peace and joy. I pray that you always seek God diligently and that you have a love for Him that propels you to seek His will for your life. I pray that you and Lily Kate continue to grow closer to one another and that you are able to look to one another for support and love. Ella, I am praying for your future husband that he is a man just like your Daddy - with integrity, intelligence and Godliness. Daddy and I love you Ella, and feel so blessed to have you in our lives.

Lily Kate and Ella, your brothers adore you. There is nothing sweeter to me than watching your brothers love on you and take care of you. You guys are so blessed to have them as big brothers, that you can rely on to love, protect and take care of you. And they are blessed to know the sweetness of little sisters.

My sweet baby girls, thank you for the most amazing year of my life. Words will never be able to express how grateful I am that our gracious God has chosen me to be your mama. Through you, God has changed me. In ways that I will never be able to thank you for. God is using you two to change me and teach me more about Him. Our family would have not been complete without you two. You add such richness, texture and joy to our little family. This past year has been a blast and even the hard times pale in comparison to all the fun that I have had with you two little beauties! Looking back on this past year makes me ever so excited about the years to come. We love you little girlies. Happy Birthday!

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Sincerely Anna said...

What a tear-jerker, Sabrina! Happy Birthday, sweet ones!