Friday, May 16, 2008

The excitement is mounting!!

Thus far, our vacation has been fabulous. Just wonderful. And then today I woke up with a very stressful feeling. There is so much to do today and tomorrow and I am feeling a little overwhelmed. This is the time that I need my handy, dandy, notebook but since I was going on vacation, I didn't think I'd need it, so didn't bring it with. Alas, I was wrong. My list of things to do today and tomorrow is a mile long. At least.

Yesterday was fun. In the morning it was just the girlie's and I and then Joseph and the boys came back for lunch. I am really enjoying eating at all the places that are here in DC!! Luckily most of them have been healthy, but not all. I will probably be gaining that weight that I loss back.

After lunch, Joseph, Caleb and I went to an awards ceremony at Lovey's school. He was a recipient of what Caleb kept calling, "a reward". There was this girl in front of us that got two "rewards" so Caleb whispered loudly, "Daddy, why didn't you get two rewards?" The ladies in front of us thought that was funny.

And then later in the afternoon we went to the mall with Michele and her kids. Michele and I did some power shopping with 5 boys, twin babies, a hubby and grandma. It was fun! I got these swim bottoms that I have been eyeing online for some time now. I also had some jeans and stuff from the GAP to return. I bought some jeans there the other day that I thought were cute, but Joseph told me on the way home that he thought they were, "alright". I'm not spending over $50 on a pair of jeans that are just "alright". Took those babies back.

Last night Joseph's parents and grandparents came in town and today my parents and sister arrive. Later tonight our best friends come in and then tomorrow Joseph's best friend from the Air Force Academy is coming for the graduation ceremony. This afternoon the school is hosting a BBQ for the graduates and their families and then tonight is the Christians Physician Oath Ceremony. This will be very special because he takes an oath as a believer in our God and the sanctity of life that He has created.

Oh, and did I mention on top of all that I have 4 kids that still need us and have no idea what is going on. Caleb does, but the rest of them are clueless. I am so blessed though, because my step-mom has come in town to save the day!! She is here to help with the kids and has been so wonderful. It has been fabulous to not have to worry too much about them and it should just get better with my mom coming in today. I wish they could both just live with me and be my personal nannies. Please hold while I day dream that delicious thought!!! If only....

I can hardly believe that tomorrow my amazing, brilliant husband is graduating from medical school and then the very next day my gorgeous little beauties will be 1 year old!!! This is a big weekend for us all!!!

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Davies Family said...

So glad your trip is going well! Sounds like your 3 day trip went better than our 1 hour trip to Canyon Lake. Will have to tell you about it sometime if you don't mind gross stories. :) Happy graduation day to Joseph! Miss you! :)