Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Conversations with a man saving lives - Part 43

Here is an excerpt of a conversation I had with The Love today:


J: Yeah?

S: So, why don't you call me back when I call you? I think I may be dying.

J: (sigh) It's been a crazy day, what are you dying from?

S: Well, I noticed these bumps on my palms and...

J: (Interrupts) Do you have fever?

S: No, but these bumps are weird looking...

J: (Interrupts) Do you have them anywhere else?

S: No, but they are kinda weird looking...

J: (Interrupts) You're fine. I'll look at it when I get home.

S: Is there something I should be doing?

J: No.

S: Is there something I should take?

J: No.

S: Am I dying?

J: No.

S: Am I too sick to cook dinner?

J: No.

My poor, poor man. Just trying to make a living and put food on the table for his crazy wife. Yesterday he told me never to call again and, "tell me somethings wrong with the tv." Apparently the two times that I have done that this week, someone has died. I know, isn't that awful? I'm just not sure what would happen to me if I couldn't watch my DVR'd shows during nap time...


Joy said...

This makes me laugh because I can just imagine the interaction between the two of you during these phone calls.. love it!

TYLERS said...

You just keep your bumps to yourself...that reminds me that you patted my leg today, I better go disinfect myself and while I am at it I should call your friend from BS and tell her to burn those nice warm gloves she let you wear today:)

Toby and Rebecca said...

sounds like Dr. Love can establish a new speciality in phone triage. What a guy. He can be doctor, super husband and dad all the while with such empathy!

Sab Mad said...

JT - You should consider yourself if you got my love bumps. And I'm glad you came with me to BS today!

R to the Becca - "Dr. Love" is now his new name! I love it! And phone triage...now that is a job he should really consider. Especially if he can do it from home, never has to go to Big Willy or BAMC ever again and can wear a headset.

Cloughamily said...

Sab Mad, thank you for the comic relief, again! Who needs sitcoms when they have you as a friend. I love you!!!!