Saturday, January 17, 2009

You never know, he could be the next Picasso!

The above picture is a little something that Caleb drew the other day...isn't it amazing? Neither one of my boys has shown much interest in drawing or coloring until this past year. They are both outdoor, rough, physical kids, and sitting down to color or draw hasn't had much appeal. So when Caleb draws pictures like this or Luke colors detailed color pages, I'm always impressed. (The baby sisters on the other hand, LOVE markers, crayons and pens. And one of their favorite activities at the gym is to sit at a little table they have and color.)

The other reason why I am so impressed with the above drawing is because I have no artistic ability whatsoever. When I draw something for the boys it is always met with a look that says, "Really, what is that supposed to be?" Luke flat out rejects my drawings, while Caleb musters up some tact and will say, "That's nice Mommy, where is Daddy?" Daddy is definitely has better artistic skills.


Sincerely Anna said...

That is amazing, really. He's very talented! Max's drawings are still very "action packed" in comparison. The bird would be....well, let's just say it wouldn't be a happy ending for the birdie. Haha

Real-life Family said...

That is incredible! Seriously, WOW! I have a 6-year-old boy for comparison, and that is unbelievable. Good job, Caleb!