Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little less LOST

This is your warning: STOP reading if you haven't already seen last nights episode of LOST....

LOST was on last night and it was so good! We seriously love this show. Love it! Joseph was studying last night (like he has been for the past 2 weeks straight for his big test that is, um, next week!) and let me tell you, my man doesn't just put his book down for nutin'! Laundry, dishes, kids - nope, but he tossed that book aside when he realized Lost was on last night! Priorities...

Anyway, here are a few of my highlighted moments from last nights show:

  • Most revealing moment of the night: finding out that Charles Whitmore was once one of the "others"! Holy smokes, Joseph and I were excited about that! Things are coming together. That was big!!
  • Best comment of the night was once again won by my main man Sawyer: "Do you want to stay here in crazy town or help me rescue the geek?" Sawyer crazks me up!
  • Sweetest moment of the night: definitely when Desmond called his sweet (and stinkin' cute) little boy, "Charlie". (It took me until this am to realize that it wasn't after his grandfather.) Isn't that so sweet?

Things I feel like we are finally getting some resolution on:

  • Why Chaz Whitmore is so interested in the Island.
  • and... okay, maybe that was all my resolution, but it seems big since prior to this there has been nothing other than questions!

Here are some things that I am still confused about:

  • Who in the heck is Jacob?
  • Richard Alpert is becoming an even bigger enigma to me.
  • Who is the girl pointing the gun and why do I think that she should mean something?
  • Who is that vegetable lady? Was it the lady in the picture that Desmond found at Oxford?
  • And who did Daniel hurt?
  • And is Daniel good or bad? I really want him to be good, but I have a not so good feeling about that...

Notice that my list of questions are still longer than anything else?! Okay, those are my thoughts, what are yours?


Toby and Rebecca said...

oh man, Sabrina... where are the blogs about the real shows like 24, Prison Break and my new fav thanks to my super blockbuster queue master husband... The Unit. They all top Lost hands down. Out of respect for you and your blog I will stop there but I couldn't resist representing "the other side"

by the way... do the Mads have any love for Idol??

Davies Family said...

I may have to throw down with Mrs. Lees. :) I'm with her on 24, but she better stop dissing our show...have you seen it Rebecca?? Anyhoo, first, I totally did not pick up on "Charlie" being the name of D's little cool. Second, I was way excited about the C. Whitmore thing as well, and I have a wild theory that the young girl pointing the gun is Daniel F.'s mother. What do you think? I think Daniel's good, and I'll be sad if he's not. And last but not least, Daniel hurt the vegetable lady...I think she helped him with his research somehow..maybe time traveled and it didn't go so well?? That's all I got for ya chica.

Davies Family said...

Oh, and do you think Daniel's mother in the present day is that gray haired lady lighting candles that Ben talked to at the end of last week's episode?

Sab Mad said...

First (and foremost!!) I would pay serious money to watch you and Becca throw down - SERIOUS MONEY!

Secondly R had me until she said, "the UNIT" seriously?! Talk about d-u-m-b. And out of respect for my blog I wouldn't even go any further!

Third, R did redeem herself when she mentioned AI!

Now, on to LOST - I am with you on all your theories...I definitely think that young girl is someone that Daniel either knows or is related to. And I definitely think that the gray haired witch is Daniel's mama, and that is why I think he may be bad :( I really don't want him to be though...

Now, please let me know when you and R are having your WWF match. I wouldl ove to volunteer myself services as ref!

Kari said...

I am NOT a LOST fan, sorry. Too much drama for me. I do have a question though, if they have been stranded on an island (and off and on again) why is the fat guy..still fat? I'm thinkin' if I was stuck on an island I'd be losing some serious pounds.