Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas in January?

I have done a very poor job with my job as photojournalist, so here is some catch-up on our December. Consider yourself warned: there are lots of pictures!

Happy Birthday Jesus Party: We had a party for Jesus, decorated cookies, had lunch and let the kids play. It was a fun, chaotic morning with lots of little kids!

The next pictures are of our annual cookie decorating fest:

(Caleb's very nicely decorated cookie.)

Caleb's School Play:

( I love this picture of "Joseph" and the sheep crawling on the floor. They were soo cute!)

Christmas Morning:
(The following pictures crack me up! They are Caleb's face while opening his "best Christmas present ever" his Nintendo DS! This child is so dramatic...gets that from his papa!)

(And this is what my Darling little Twinkies did during the opening of presents: rifle through the diaper bag and wander the house. They liked the bows on the presents, but had little interest in opening anything. We tried to rip the paper in hopes they would want to come and help, but instead Ella just ran thinking that we were tricking her into trouble since she normally gets into trouble when she rips paper.)

(Here they are with their babies. Aren't they cute feeding their babies?! Caleb got them their tu-tu's for Christmas. So cute!)
(Top picture: Ella's done with the present thing and wants breakfast! Bottom picture: The Christmas cookies I made for our neighbors.)

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