Tuesday, January 06, 2009

These are the days of MY life!

I was telling someone the other day that I can't remember the last time I was bored or had a boring day. I'm not sure if it's the 4 darlings, the hubby's crazy schedule or my over-the-top, dramatic, vivacious, crazy personality or a mixture of all three. Or, more likely, it's 'Sab Mad's law of attraction: crazy attracts crazy'.

Case in point:

We are almost done redecorating the playroom, but I wanted to get a few new pieces of furniture from Ikea. We wanted to go to Ikea on Saturday, but life got in the way so we decided to go Sunday after church. (THIS IS A COMPLETE DIGRESSION SO PLEASE SKIP AHEAD IF YOU DON'T WANT TO FOLLOW A RABBIT TRAIL - I went running with a friend Sunday morning and while I ran Joseph packed lunches for all of us, got ready for church, fed 4 kids, dressed 4 kids, packed the diaper bag AND did all the morning chores. When I got back from my run all I had to do was get myself ready for church. My man is seriously a Rockstar!!)

So, back to the story...we head up to Ikea after church. I had high hopes that the girls would take their naps on the way there and then be ready for some shopping. And that would have worked if I wouldn't have had to stop for gas (and trust me, I waited until the very last minute). Heaven knows that if the car isn't moving, the Beauties aren't sleeping. Once we stopped for gas, the twins woke up and never went back to sleep. By the time we got to Ikea, they were in NO mood to shop. Unfortunate for all of us.

I'm getting to the exciting part, it's just taking me time - as usual. So, I'm driving (so that The Love can study! I had high hopes that we were going to be done with all that when he graduated, but alas NOT!) I pull into the parking lot and while waiting for this spot we watch this woman back her car into a row of carts that were lined up to be taken back to the store. Yep, backs right on into them.

Well, she got out of her car in a huff and was all mad. She looked at the carts and looked around for the kid who was collecting them, but he was down another aisle grabbing a cart. At this point our space becomes available and it happens to be right next to this lady. By the time we park and get out of the car, the kid and his supervisor are being yelled at by this lady and we hear her saying that he hit her car with his carts!! Complete LIE!! Appalling! So next thing I know, Joseph is over there telling the supervisor that the lady isn't telling the truth. Then I head over there and tell her that we watched the whole thing and that kid wasn't anywhere near her car. She looks completely taken aback, but doesn't back down from her lie!! Are-you-kidding-me? The audacity!

This lady continues to demand for a supervisor to come out so that she can file a report. I was furious. As we are getting the kids out of the car, I kept telling her that she should be ashamed of herself and embarrassed, and that I was embarrassed for her. Totally lying and blaming this poor kid for her mistake. I think I said those things at least 10 times. I was seriously appalled!

The "poor kid" was so thankful to us and didn't speak very good English, but kept saying thank you. We gave Ikea our phone number in case they needed someone to tell them THE TRUTH!

Is that not the most disgusting thing you have heard today?!

Well, after a lengthy explanation to Caleb (who wanted to know exactly what had happened) we start our shopping trip with 4 kids. It was rough. But we got what we wanted, got soem good deals and headed out fast!

So now we are on our way home (still talking about how shocked we are at the behavior of this lady) when we start slowing way down on the interstate. Way down. And then notice that an accident just happened. A motorcycle was down and so was it's rider. Joseph pulls over and gets to do the I'm-a-doctor-does-anyone-need-help, much to the boys complete excitement! They thought it was so cool that Daddy was helping this man and that "all the cars had stopped for Daddy". (The accident closed down 3 of the 4 lanes on the interstate.) Joseph talked to the paramedics and stayed with the guy until the ambulance came.

Whew, what a day. Run, church, road trip, parking lot confrontations, awesome deal on furniture at Ikea, accidents, ambulance, wild kids in car, - all in a days work! And this is why most days I need to take a nap.


Elizabeth said...

I thought you were going to say that it was the lady who was in the wreck. I thought for just a second that maybe she deserved it (just a little). What a jerk. So sad.

We were in the parking lot of the mall once and looked over at the car parked beside us and there was a tiny baby inside! All by itself! (the doors were locked) We were about to call the police when a security guard drove by and we stopped him. As he was calling the police the mom came out and insisted she had only been gone for a minute. We stood there for almost ten! I told the security guard how long she'd been gone and we left as he was lecturing her. Ugh!

I love how you tell stories!

Sincerely Anna said...

I can't believe that lady! And to think that she didn't even back down after she heard you saw the whole thing. Geez!