Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Works for Me: What to do with those Christmas cards?

The ideas below are so not mine... I stole them and LOVE them!

It was a great Christmas card season at the Mad House. We got around 60 and words cannot express how thrilled I was to read each and every one of them. Typically, I have NO interest in going to get the mail and if The Love wasn't here, the mail would just sit in that mail box. But when Christmas season rolls around, I literally stalk our mailman, hang out at the mailbox and pounce him when he arrives. (How'd you like that visual?!)

When I get a Christmas card I pour over it and make Lovey listen to all my, "Can you believe how big ____ has gotten?" or "____ has 6 kids now! Can you believe it?" or "I cannot believe how old ____'s kids are! Don't you feel soooo old?" And on, and on.

I love Christmas cards and after Christmas is over have never liked the idea of throwing them away. I have kept them for years. Then a couple of years ago a friend of mine gave me the greatest idea. She keeps them in a basket by the dinner table and each night after dinner they read a card and pray for that family. So we have been doing that for a couple of years. My boys LOVE IT! They really look forward to it at dinner. And then I send that person a note the next day to let them know that we prayed for them.

So then what do I do with the cards after that? Well, that's where I stole another idea...

I got a photo album and put our Christmas card & letter in it and all of the cards and letters for that year too. It has been so fun to look through the past years pictures to see how the kids have grown, new babies have been added... So fun!

I keep all the letters in an envelope and just display the pictures.

Here is our picture from last year along with our letter.

Works for me! For more ideas, head over here.


Wani said...

Great idea!

Michele said...

We pulled your card from the basket and prayed for your family this week! I was remembering fondly how many yrs we've been able to pray for you guys...we are getting old.

Jane Anne said...

I love the idea of praying for the people that send you Christmas cards. It makes the cards even more meaningful, doesn't it? I used to pray for the people as I got the cards but that gets hard with the busy season and the number of cards you get toward the of the season. I love the basket idea!

Kirby3131 said...

What a great idea - absolutely great. I have a box that I have three years of Christmas cards in. I just put this years into it and I wondered what in the world I should do with those cards.

Thank You!
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Sincerely Anna said...

I remember Michele sharing this idea at MOPS and I really wanted to remember to do it for the upcoming Christmas. Thanks for the reminder!

Kelly said...

So Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!