Monday, January 19, 2009

It's an exciting week!!!

What an amazing week it is...

Oh, is there an inauguration? Yeah, that's exciting and all, but that isn't what's making my so giddy!

The excitement for me is that it is my birthday week (yep, you read correctly, I did say WEEK!) AND (I'm about to pee my pants with excitement!!) the season premiere of LOST!!!! The best show e-v-e-r! I have missed all my friends - Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley, okay and even you Locke! But I will get to immerse myself back into your world in 2 days! I can't wait!

And then on Tuesday night I'm going out with my bestest girls for a Girls Night Out!! Whoo-hoo! We're going out to dinner and then (possibly) going to see Bride Wars.

On my Birthday Eve (also known as Wednesday night to some of you) we have our menu and drinks picked out for THE BIG NIGHT.

And then Thursday...I turn 32! Is that really possible?...

It's gonna be a great week!


Jessi said...

I hope that you have one amazingly blessed birthday week!

Sincerely Anna said...

I'm all about celebrating birthdays all week long! Have fun doing everything you've planned and I hope there are some cool surprises in store, too!