Monday, September 22, 2008

Ella Update!

So, I still can't figure out what Ella's deal is. At 10:15 last night (15 minutes after Joseph left for work - isn't that how it always happens?!) I heard Ella crying. I gave her some meds, and some milk and she was quiet for a while. And then at 10:30 I heard her crying again. I got her out, held her and she went back to sleep. That is, until I tried to put her in her crib. I wanted to see if she could soothe herself back to sleep, but after 20 minutes of off and on crying (and waking Luke) I grabbed her and put her in my bed.

I held her until she fell back asleep and then for the next 15 minutes, I inched my way to laying her down so that I could get some sleep. By this time I was exhausted, my back was killing me and I was praying that she wouldn't wake again.

And that is how we slept. Her 2 foot tall/20 pound body right in the middle of the bed and me, balled at the foot of the bed and terrified to move for fear of waking her. She woke up off and on all night, but wasn't too difficult to calm back to sleep.

It wasn't good sleep for either of us.

She seemed fine all day, so I still have no clue what her problem was. I called our doctor (also known around here as 'Daddy') and he wasn't impressed that it was anything I should rush her to his ER for.

This morning Caleb came in and found us both sleeping in bed. He woke me up to do his quiet time and said, "Ella is sleeping with you! She looks so cute in your bed!" And while she certainly did look cute, I have no desire to do that again tonight! Please Lord...


Jessi said...

I had lots of nights like those during the months that DH was away on rotation. As much as I wished for him to sleep in his own bed, I needed the "rest" and was willing to sleep at the very edge of the bed if that meant I wasn't up all night with a crying toddler. Praying that Ella sleeps better tonight.

Sincerely Anna said...

Hi Sabrina, I just got caught up on your blog tonight - my google reader doesn't list your posts anymore for some reason. Just wanted to say hi...hope you're getting a better night's sleep right now and hope Ella isn't coming down with something.

Kari Wright said...

Teething? Over at this blog, another momma just experienced a very similar thing!
good luck and happy sleeping tonight!

Real-life Family said...

So sorry to hear...that's no fun! And it's hard when they're waking other kids in the house, because that kind of takes away the "cry it out" option. I'll pray she sleeps better for you tonight!

Real-life Family said...

Oh I forgot to mention...the Google reader on my blog doesn't list your posts anymore, either, just like sincerely anna said about hers. I wonder what's up with that? But in case there's anything you can do about it (probably not likely), I just thought you'd like to be aware.