Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pictures from Darth Luke's Birthday Party!

Well, my little Lukie turned 4 and has been so excited about his big birthday party. I sent out invitations through evite and here is what it said:

Four years ago a baby boy was born. He was named Luke and he was strong in the Force. Unfortunately the evil Emperor has converted Luke away from the ways of his Master. We need all young Jedi's to come and persuade him from the dark side.

Please inform the Jedi Council whether or not you accept this invitation by sending a reply.

Come and join us! You're our only hope! May the Force be with you as you make your journey to a galaxy far, far away!
(I was impressed with my creativity!)

As usual we decorated the Birthday Boys' room with his favorite and red! My mom and I decorated the night before his party and then at 4 in the morning I am disturbed by a very loud noise. Luke was popping balloons! At 4 am! And the best part was Caleb was sleeping through the whole thing. (sigh) Luke, Luke, Luke.

I love this picture of Little Miss Princess getting ready to put Darth Vader's belt buckle on his belt. Isn't she cute?! Princess shirt, fingers in mouth and all!
Dr. Lees and Darth
Look at this cute little face!
I made this cake for Luke. Homemade (meaning no box) cake and frosting. The cake broke, so I had to use some of the frosting to piece it back together, therefore ran out of frosting. So I hid the drama with - peanut butter cups! Yumm-o!

Some Darth Vader pinata action. Isn't it cute how they decided to use light sabers to beat the candy out of his head?!
Broken pinata = Excited kids!
The prego's! Aren't they beeootiful with their bumps?
Star Wars loot. These are all the gifts he got for his birthday. And now I should go write those thank you cards!!!...

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Real-life Family said...

Looks like an awesome party! And I'm impressed with your creative cake-making (and fixing) skills! (No cake mix is enough to have me in awe!) Luke is too adorable, as was your invitation. Love it!