Saturday, September 27, 2008

On today's agenda...

  1. Shower! (RARELY the first thing on the list!)
  2. Luke to soccer practice
  3. Rush home to make lists and prepare my sisters for watching all 4 kids by themselves for 5 hours (there is a lot of work that has to be done in order for me to leave the kids, without either The Love or I, for that long!)
  4. Go scrapbook for 5 uninterrupted hours, free from my Darlings
  5. Rush home and quickly pack
  6. Drive 3+ hours to my parents
  7. Put exhausted-past-their-bed-time-excited-to-see-grandma kids to bed
  8. Fall into bed completely exhausted!

What are you doing today?


Kari Wright said...

today...spent night at gramdma and grandpas, woke to squeals of laughter as they got tickled by grandpa. quick breakfast. Mom and I off to a day's women's conference. daddy and grandpa in charge if kiddos...should be interesting!

Elizabeth said...

Fed the baby her first solids, took lots of pictures of my boy after he lost his first tooth, layed around and watched a movie, went to grocery store, and now I'm cooking dinner and reading blogs. The best kind of Saturday I can think of.

Michele said...

Friend, just checking in. You are busy, beautiful. I hope your 5 hrs were blissful, that your next week is great. I got away Alone for a couple of hours both Sat and Sun - Ben certainly noticed I was stressed!

Today at church there was a video of Dave Ramsey speaking and Jake said 'He sounds so southern like you!' In Maryland my kids never noticed that I sounded southern! What is up with that?
sweet dreams