Monday, September 08, 2008

We won't be hanging this sign on the door!

Caleb is really loving school. I did, however, catch him in his room crying on a Saturday morning because they aren't doing math yet. (Soooo, not my child!!) Outside of that little mini-drama he has loved school. Loved it!

School has been motivating Caleb to start trying to spell out words that he doesn't usually try to spell on his own. Before church yesterday he came up to me with a sign that he made. When I figured out what he was trying to spell I laughed. Hard. And so did Joseph when Caleb showed it to him. Take a peek and see if you can figure it out:

Let me translate for you:


Men and Women


Real-life Family said...

LOL! Yes, seriously I am laughing out loud. Save that one to show his future girlfriends someday!

Davies Family said...

I totally had it figured out! That's too funny! :)

The Mother Hen said...

I think you should frame it & hang it in your bathroom!! I love it!! Go, Caleb!

allboys4us said...

Very funny...and adorable!:)

Cloughamily said...

That's absolutely hilarious! Thanks for posting it. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time...and my guys are pretty funny. I'll be sure to show my Man when he gets home tonight. By the way, I'm still laughing.


Cloughamily said...

Oh, and I agree that it should be framed and hung in the bathroom.