Friday, September 19, 2008

Snapshots of the week

My poor little neglected I've missed you! Life has been so busy and you my little blog have had to suffer. I am going to try harder. I promise.

Since I have done such a poor job documenting life here, I thought that I would provide you with some snapshots of The Mad House:
  • I still have Ike evacuee's at my house. One of my sister's and my brother left Thursday and two of my sister's stayed. It has been so fun to have them around and the free babysitting has been fabulous! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!
  • I have gone to the grocery store at least once a day since the siblings got here.
  • Neither of my parents in Houston have electricity and haven't for the past week.
  • My parents that live in Seabrook had 3 feet of water in their house. They have been working since Tuesday to get the carpet out and clean up. They're still not done.
  • The Love's schedule this past month was wonderful!! We saw him lots and had a lot of fun family time together. We even cleaned out the garage the other was way past time! Last night, The Love started his month of nights. He was zombie-like this afternoon, but I have high hopes that it will get better in a couple of days. I hope they aren't too high!?
  • I have already started shopping for Christmas! Seriously, what is that about?
  • Caleb is loving school. I'm not sure I'm loving his school.
  • Because the weather has been so delicious out lately my kids have been spending LOTS of time outdoors. I don't think that Caleb watched TV all that!!
  • I went to a super fun luncheon today and was reminded how proud I am that my husband has chosen to spend the early years (and at the rate we are going the later years will be included at some point too!) of his career in the military. It was so nice to be on base and with other wives that take pride in their husbands careers and want to get involved with the many amazing military service organizations. I met some new friends and had a great time!
  • The little Twinkie girls are getting too big, too fast. I absolutely adore them and really want another one (or two!). Shhhh...don't tell The Love. He loves the idea of baby making, but isn't too keen on the idea of baby havin'! How's that for TMI?!
  • I went to this party this week where these ladies were selling vinyl lettering that they make for home decor and am now addicted to putting phrases all over my walls. Seriously, addicted.
  • I have been scrapbooking at night and watching way more Disney Channel than anyone over the age of 14 should ever have to watch thanks to my sista's! I had never seen Hannah Montana, Suite Life or Life with Derek until this past week and I hope I never see them again!!
  • When my sisters learned that I couldn't send a text message, they were completely shocked and amazed! (How in the world have I gotten this far in life without that important skill!?) So, while talking to me like I was a 65 year old grandma that had never heard the word "email" they taught me. I am still no where near as fast as they are, but at least I can send a "text"! Now they are disturbed that I only have 27 songs on my ipod, that holds like 2000, and I have no idea how to use itunes. I am so not cool!

Well, friends, that about sums last week up. Yeah, I agree, you didn't miss much! Thanks for checking in with me and I would love to hear from you all - even you stalkers blog watchers!


The Mother Hen said...

Once you learn all of the technology stuff from your sisters, you need to teach me. Otherwise, I'm not going to know until Morgan gets into it!! :)

Lorinda Symens said...

texting is fun for those random thoughts that need no conversation, and its addictive really. But by the time your kids get to the age of using it there will be something "new" that will probably have replaced it.. so hang on.. ha ha ha ha I just went to a Women of Faith conference where Patsy Clairmont was talking about how she blogs, text msg's, and 'twitters' and I was like "you what" but that the newest thing that I think I will pass on- to be twittering!

allboys4us said...

You always make me smile/laugh! So glad to hear that your family is safe and well and that you were able to be such a blessing to each other (and learn a lot in the process!) God is SO good and He cares for us in such amazing ways even though we SO don't deserve it! Thanks for being a blog blessing! :) ~Dorla

Kari Wright said...

I am one of your "stalkers" I totally enjoy your blog, thanks!

Jessi said...

I'm so glad to hear that your parents' homes are still standing. I can't imagine that much water...that's as tall as my toddler. The clean up after a storm like Ike is most definitely the hardest part.

I, too, have started thinking about Christmas, but I haven't yet started *shopping*. Very impressive.

Great job on the scrapbooking! I so very much desire to learn how. I'm just sooo not very creative that way, but I LOVE going back and looking through old photos. What a wonderful gift to give your children one day so that they may share it with their children.

Real-life Family said...

Thanks for the update! I always love your blog - you have such a way with words and never fail to make me smile, sometimes even laugh out loud. Drake somehow saw Suite Life not too long ago, and thought Zack and Cody were SOOOO cool. Why, why, why??? I would love to totally eliminate TV from my house, but the rest of my family feels otherwise. :)