Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sweet Mama Moments!

Ella has been so sweet this weekend. Just a little sweet pea! I am smitten with her. Completely smitten.

(One of the hard things about having twins is that when I say something sweet about one, I feel obligated to say something about the other sister. So, let me get that out there so that I can finish talking about Ella. I love Lily Kate and think that she is gorgeous, just beautiful! Okay, now on to Ella...)

Ella really is so cute and has the cutest personality. I love her "toddle" walk. If you are a mama, you know the one...wide legged, like a drunken sailor, with that big "diaper booty" that comes in handy when she falls on her bottom! Love it!

And I love when she babbles and looks right at me. She'll throw in "mom-mommy" every now and again just so that I know she is really telling me something!

Ella is the one that is most adventurous, she tries hard to sing B-I-N-G-O, loves to be chased and swung around in the air, always messes up her hair and pulls her hair tie out, likes to wear necklaces and carry a purse, but at the same time is also rough and likes to wrestle.

She is just a little baby doll that is always on the move! (Although, if you are sitting on the floor and she wants to sit in your lap, she will back up and sit on you!! One word - adorable!) So because she is so active when she sits in your lap for longer than 5 minutes, it's special. With that said, you can imagine how special it was when Ella fell asleep in my lap at the dinner table tonight. While I hope she isn't sick (because seriously, this is very rare) I was thrilled that I got to hold that sleeping baby! *BIG sigh* So sweet and melts my heart!

I really love my kids!


Real-life Family said...

So sweet! You cherish those times when they "crash" on you more the older they get! I am feeling the same way with Levi...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sabrina, It's fun to get to see you in a photo!

My mom and dad love your blog too!


allboys4us said...

So precious! Loved hearing all about sweet little Ella! Also love the pic of the happy, adoring mama! And what mama doesn't love those moments that, as our little ones get older, only usually come when they're really tired or not feeling well! Blessings from above!