Friday, September 26, 2008

Reader Problems!

People, I am so not tech savy. Joseph has to put songs on my ipod for me (which is why I only have 27...the man doesn't have time for that!) and the fact that I can post a picture on my blog, or that I even have a blog, makes me techy in my world!

So, I have a problem with my blog's feed. (I'm really clueless about feeds and am thrilled that google makes it really easy to subscribe to them because I wouldn't have any idea how to do it on my own.) I think that I fixed it, but really have no idea what I am doing. I really just kind of guessed and pushed some buttons. Add a little banging and that is how Joseph fixes things around the house!

Anyway, thanks to my friends Anna and Melonie for letting me know there is a problem with my feed. Please let me know if I fixed it!


Kari Wright said...

since your title has finally been updated in my bloglist..I think you did it, yay!!!

Real-life Family said...

Yep, it's fixed! For a very long time, you were way down at the bottom of my bloglist, with the title "The other blogger in the family" and now you're back up at the top with your new post! Yay!

allboys4us said...

I too, am happy that your blog feed is fixed...great job! That's pretty much how I go about fixing things too! Keeping up with new posts is made even easier when they move up to the top of your blog roll and show the title and a little that option! :) ~Dorla