Thursday, September 04, 2008

Am I insane?

There are days in my life, where at the end of the day I think to myself, "Sab Mad - YOU are I-N-S-A-N-E!" Today is one of those days.

The day actually began last night when I started cooking 23 packages of chicken at 7:30 pm and wasn't done until 9:30 pm. Yep, you guessed it! Today was another psycho cooking day! Remember the last one that almost killed me? Well, this one was better. I was determined to learn from our mistakes.

This time I cooked all the chicken the night before, bought a frozen pizza so that we could eat during the madness and picked a day when The Love could be around to help with The Beauties.

And while today went MUCH better, it was still exhausting. I started cooking by 8 am and had already finished my first meal by the time Kellie got here. Between the two of us, we cooked roughly between 35 -40 meals! Seriously.

I sat for 15 minutes to "relax" and then it was time for the boys to come home from school. We did the "after school" drama and then I loaded the kids up and we headed out to the gym. Worked out, headed home to feed the beasts and clean the kitchen after the cook-a-thon. While I love Kellie, she really is the messiest cook I have ever encountered. (Can I get an Amen Kellie?)

And here I sit, exhausted and ready for my boys to fall asleep so that I can get in bed! And for once, I hope that I can dream about something other than food!


Kari Wright said...

I am impressed! I keep thinking about doing the month of meals, but can't seem to fathom eating all the meals from the they all taste good? And, do you split it all with Kellie? or is just your cooking slave for the day?

Kellie said...

Yes, messy! If Dan hadn't had to go to work, I would have stayed to clean my mess. Sorry!

Sab Mad said...

hey Kari!
The meals are all delicious! We use a couple of cookbooks and have liked almost all the meals that we have tried from it.
Kellie and I split the cost and the labor. It comes out to being really cheap when you cook in bulk and share the cost with a friend! And get to hang out, so that is fun!