Thursday, November 08, 2007

Already up to no good!

There are lots of super fun things about having twins! Lots! One of my favorite is when one twin grabs the others hand and starts to suck on it. It is so cute! I also love it when I find one twins hair totally soaked because the other one was sucking on her head. They also do things that aren't that funny (to them), but I still chuckle. When they are playing on the floor together, and I hear one crying, I will go to check and sure enough her sister usually has a hand full of hair in her fists. And sometimes after their nap I will hear one of them crying in their cribs and find that one of them (usually Ella) has kicked her legs over to her sister and is kicking her. I would be sad too if I was trying to nap and someone was kicking me!

Below are some pictures of the girls playing on the floor and Ella eating Lily Kate's foot. I wasn't the one who found them in this position - Caleb did. He called me over, laughing really hard and saying, "Mom, one baby is eating the other baby's foot!" I think it's funny that the boys find these moments so hysterical and that they still can't tell the babies apart.

"Mommy, please put the camera down and do something about this girl eating my foot!"

"What foot? I'm sucking my fingers!"

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