Thursday, November 01, 2007

More pictures from Halloween...

Our Halloween night began at....CHIPOTLE! One of our favorite places. It was funny, when we walked in some guy walked up to Joseph and asked him if he wanted some foil to be a burrito. Joseph just looked at him like he was crazy and then he found out that if you put foil around you, in some fashion you got a free burrito. Free is quite exciting to this family, so Joseph and I both put foil on our heads and got our free burritos. Free and Chipotle - my 2 favorite words!

I didn't get pictures of Joseph and I with the foil on our heads, but here are the boys impersonating us! Knightly burritos!
Here is Mrs. Kellie with her new haircut. Super cute don't you think?!? I may just trade in my mullet for this 'do.

Our little princesses in their carriage!
We went to our friends, the Lams, church for their Fall Festival and it was really fun. They had games, food, plays, hayrides and it was all free (that word again!) and fun. The games were awesome for the kid's ages. Above is Luke at the bean bag toss. Both Joseph and I noticed that Luke has a really good aim for his age!

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