Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little Miss Piggy's

The girls are eating now!

Over the weekend we started the girls on cereal. I have been putting it off because I knew that it would be stressful and make my mornings crazy (and they are already crazy enough!) and sure enough, it has! I'm working on establishing a new routine, but until them I have the boys buzzing around me like bees (that I would love to swat hard...kidding...sort of) wanting food, something to drink, asking 1000 questions and all around making me crazy. Nursing the girls, feeding them cereal, and changing their diapers takes about an hour. One crazy, busy hour! Then I have to feed and water the boys, make sure they do their morning chores, do my morning chores, put the girls back down for their morning nap and before I know it, it is 9 am and I still haven't eaten breakfast. Yeah, it's crazy around here!

Above is a picture of Miss Ella Piggy, who at first wasn't really sure what to do with the mush I shoved in her mouth, but got the hang of it fast! She loves the cereal and will make loud grunting noises until you shove the spoon in her mouth.

Sweet, Silly Lily Piggy hasn't picked up eating as quickly as her sister. I have to pry her mouth open to get the cereal in it. And then she spits 90% of it back out at me.

After feeding them in their chairs, we decided that it was imperative that we get them in high chairs. My mom and I went shopping and found these great high chairs that I really like. They fold up super slim so that they aren't in the way when we aren't using them.

Once we get a routine down, and Lily figures out what to do with the mush I am shoving in her mouth, I think that things will start to go significantly smoother!

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