Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rumor Control

Alrighty, alrighty...

There have been many rumors springing from my last post and while I am still not ready to reveal my super HUGE news, I am ready to dispel the top three rumors.

Rumor #1: No, I am NOT pregnant! Some of you are crazy enough to think that is my big news and I just have three words for you - ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?! In case some of you haven't gotten the memo, I just had twins less than 6 months ago! I know I'm a little whacky, but that is insanity! Work with me people.

Rumor #2: We are not moving. Not yet anyway. I'd like to move, but we are once again waiting for the military.

Rumor #3: This one is good...that we got another animal. There 2 people standing between the dog, that we have, and Craigslist. One is in training to be a doctor and the other is always in camouflage...neither clean up after the dog. Titan is the best thing ever, except for the fact that he is a dog. Doesn't know how to use the bathroom, toothbrush or vacuum. If only he could babysit for me... Maybe if I teach him to dial 911

People, please don't get your hopes up that this news is exciting for anyone other than me. I fear that you will be sorely disappointed! As soon as I am able to utter the words, you my friends (and lurkers) will be the first to know. Feel free to keep guessing...your guesses have been making me laugh!

(BTW-there is a clue in the dispelled rumors above.)


The 4 Rohrers said...

I have a few guesses - you found a Maclaren on Craigslist, or maybe a Dyson? Or did Luke finally complete his potty training? Or have you settled the homeschooling debate?

I got your message and I would call you back, but when I talk, I start coughing like crazy. (cough, cough) I can't even type without coughing! I'm getting an ABs workout!

Miriam said...

My guess is also that a certain little someone is now officially potty trained - but perhaps you are a little hesitant to officially announce it in case of a sudden regression?

Love the new pictures of your girls - gotta love those mauling moments!

Kellie said...

I'm with Kelly - you got a vacuum to help you clean up after the animal you can't get rid of? I hope it's that, for your sake. Though the potty training would be a good development also.
You are loving the suspense you're creating, aren't you?
And don't act like you getting pregnant is so out there - you ARE that crazy!! :)

The Mother Hen said...

I think I kno-hooo!! :)