Thursday, November 15, 2007

Aunt Hannah!

Aunt Hannah came for a visit last week and we all know why I am just now posting these pictures! (If you need a memory jogger, here is one.) We hadn't seen Aunt Hannah in a couple of years and were thrilled that she came all the way down from Alaska to hang out with the kids!

Our family is the best!

Whenever they come, they never ask to see the sights or expect to vacation, but are always willing to help out and give Joseph and I time alone.

Aunt Hannah was smitten with the little girls (and in all honesty, who could blame her?!) and I was so excited that she got to hold them while they were still babies!

Hannah, I have to admit...I looked in the Christmas present closet! I couldn't help myself! You should know me by now, I have NO self-control! I'm sorry. Please don't tell Santa. (you did a good job and spoiled us entirely way too much!!)

Aunt Hannah and all the kids! Titan tried to sneak into the picture as well. Titan loves Hannah. Somehow she finds a way to give him attention, too, when she visits. Oh, and she lets him sleep with her. Titan's best friend!

The nurse and (future) doctor! Isn't Lovey so cute?! I sure do love my man!!

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The Dan said...

I wanna see a full size pic of Titan! He likes me the best. I let him sleep with me first...