Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This one is for you Daddy!

If only I could get them to smile at the same time! Ella has been super easy going and happy lately. Lily Kate on the other hand is quite...delicate these days. She requires more holding and attention. I am really glad that they take turns with their mood swings.

Our Nana was here this past weekend for Thanksgiving and we hit some of the sales. The girls were in need of some new duds and our Nana was more than willing to go shopping for some. We hit the sales Friday and got lots of new outfits for the girls.
What do you think? So cute or what?!
I am totally into these bows. Love 'em! I desperately want to learn to make them, but first have a few Christmas projects to work on. As soon as I am done though, I will be all about bow making!

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