Sunday, November 11, 2007

While we are on the topic...

...of Weight Watchers my amazing, brilliant, wonderful husband made a huge faux pa last evening when we were out with some friends.

We met some friends at the park and had a picnic with Rudy's BBQ (YUMMY!!) and then let the kids play. It was a beautiful evening and to top it off we decided to go to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. As I am shoveling a Reese's Peanutbutter Cup Blizzard in my mouth my husband says:
  1. "Wow, sweetie, you worked so hard cleaning the house today you deserve every bite of that. And go ahead and eat mine too!"
  2. "A small blizzard? You look so good these days, you really do deserve a large."
  3. "Uhh...what's up with Weight Watchers?

If you guessed option #3, please stand up and take a bow, I'm applauding you right now.

The real question is, was I more embarrassed that he mentioned this in front of friends or that he made me think about WW, while I was thoroughly enjoying my blizzard, thereby sprinkling my almost perfect evening with guilt? If you know me at all, you know the latter answer is definitely the correct one. Embarrassing me is very hard to do!

Oh, and by the way, I might be offended that my amazingly, not-always-so-brilliant husband would mention my weight to me if I didn't know that this man adores the ground I walk on, tells me daily that he thinks I'm gorgeous and cannot keep his hands off me (thus the 3 pregnancies in 6 years business)!!!

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Miriam said...

Yes yes - husband and weight loss...they never quite know what to say! My husband has to opposite problem - he is a food pusher - when he puts food on my plate he give me a man size portion, he wants me to keep cookies in the house (and just have willpower - ha!), and he does occasionally remind me that I'm trying to lose weight when I really don't want to remember!

Our new deal (perhaps because I think we should both be punished - and because I need him to remember to not tempt me) is that if I gain at any meeting - that night we both have to eat something we hate. For me it is a piece of toast with this NASTY meat spread that is from Africa. He has to eat a package of Twinkies (doesn't sound torturous - but he really does hate them)!

This gives us a running joke to remind each other during the week - like when he's trying to FILL my plate with spaghetti and meatballs - I say - really must want some Twinkies...or when he sees me diving head first into the bag of chocolate chips in the freezer, he says...I'm really going to enjoy seeing you eat that Marmite (meat spread) on toast! : )