Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Capturing our family memories

I seriously crack myself up sometimes. I was downloading pictures from the past couple of weeks off of my camera, when I noticed that the only pictures that I took of our Thanksgiving day were...

The placecards and napkin holders that the kids made for the table.
Our set table.
An upclose of the tablecloth so that you could see the kids handprints and footprints that we do each year.
And the turkey before, but no after picture! What is that? Forget the fact that I have not a single picture of a person that was at the table (Joseph's grandparents, my parents and sister) I can hardly believe that I don't have a picture of my beautiful bird after it came out of the oven. It really was a beauty...

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Sincerely Anna said...

I can't believe you forgot. That is so funny! Hey, I remember those pilgrim hat place holders! The flower vase is adorable. And I love the idea about the hand/foot prints.