Sunday, November 25, 2007


The kids are at this very fun age where they are all interacting- in their own ways. Luke and Caleb wrestle each other, play football together, make up fun games with one another, get in each others bed's and giggle, race one another, and of course fight! Lately Luke has been asking Caleb all sorts of questions; "Do polar bears live in forests?", "What state do we live in?", "How old is Daddy?", "Do warthogs live in Texas?" and so on and so forth. And of course, Caleb (being the miniature of his father) loves to be the expert in all things and answers Luke's questions completely (with more information than Luke has attention for) and sweetly. It's pretty adorable!

Below are some picture of the boys "surfing" in the kitchen on their "surf boards" (I happen to call them pillows, but whatever) attempting to avoid the sharks on the kitchen floor! They made up this game and were playing together marvelously for at least an hour. And brothers playing together for an hour without any fights breaking out is marvelous!

Now, here are my sweet little angels watching their brothers be wild:

Below is a picture of what my table looks like before dinner. Now, please do not email me to inform me that Bumbo seats have been recalled. I am fully aware of that and the recall is in order to place a sticker on the seats to remind parents not to put them on tables or in high places they could fall off of. I am a seasoned mother and know better than that!

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Sincerely Anna said...

The girls look like little ladies waiting for a bus (I love the folded hands!)