Sunday, November 11, 2007

These are the days of my life...

I need a alarm on our food pantry. Actually, it's not the entire pantry - just the huge Halloween candy bowl. When I even glance at the bowl I need the alarm to go off and say, "STEP AWAY FROM THE CANDY IMMEDIATELY!"

Which brings me to my next point...Weight Watchers. Yeah, not going so well. It would be going really well if I were actually counting my points, but I'm not. I need to get more motivated. The good news is that I'm not gaining any weight back...yet. If I don't stop with the Halloween candy though...

Let's move on to exercising so that I can continue to write about my failures since I am already on the topic of my weight loss program. The good news in this department is that I joined a gym that has childcare. Bad news is that I go maybe once a week and have no desire to take the kids. The girls are just way too young for me to take and the boys... Yeah, I have no excuse for that one. Once again there is a motivation issue. And a time issue. There just isn't enough time in the day to get all the things that I want to get done, done.

The story of a stay-at-home-momma's life.

I need to get organized. And make priorities.

Until then, let me go and finish off that Halloween candy so that it is no longer a temptation!

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