Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Y'all make me laugh!

Thanks for having fun and playing along with my little poll. My blog certainly got a lot of traffic over the past couple of days. I think many of you were as curious as I was. Isn't it funny how we all have questions that we don't want to ask? Well, don't worry, I don't mind asking them!

Some of you were rather shocked that I would post something so scandalous on my blog and that makes me laugh!! Seriously, if any of you know me at all you wouldn't be surprised in the least. I'm all about livin' on the edge! Others of you wanted to know what Joseph's reaction was to my blog. Well he was furious and totally embarrassed that I would write such a personal thing about our lives. He couldn't believe that I would share such information with you all and was shocked that I would make such private matters public.

JUST KIDDING!! Did I have you?!?!? ;)

Actually he finds me quite humorous. Come on now, he's so used to me that not much shocks him anymore. Tehe. I remember back when we first started dating and he used to get so embarrassed by my antics! I love to sing at the top of my lungs out in public (and that almost always requires an invisible microphone), and when I laugh it is from the bottom of my belly, is super loud and draws attention, and he never used to like it when I would grab his butt in public. Well, now he has gotten so used to those things and just rolls his eyes. Personally, I think that he loves those things now. Okay, love may be a strong word. But he loves that that is how I am. Joseph is so different from me that he would never do any of the "embarrassing" things that I do. He doesn't like to draw attention to himself and wants to blend in. Totally opposite of me. So, yeah, my blog didn't shock him a bit. It made him laugh and he was checking my poll way more often than I was.

And I'm glad that he got to see the truth...Life is not a Lifetime movie! Most women aren't walking around their houses half naked and ready to make out at any moment!


Sincerely Anna said...

I have been checking the poll daily as well. This inquiring mind wanted to know, believe me! I opt for the biggest, baggiest, faded-est, holiest t-shirts in the drawer and I really, really didn't want to feel guilty about that :)

The Mad House said...

Anna, you are the best! I love that every one of your comments always cracks me up!!

Thanks for being a faithful reader and commenter!