Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm so thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It seems like every year I have more and more to be thankful for: My incredible hubby who adores his family and is so involved in our lives, 2 amazing little boys that make me laugh, bring me such joy and give me more laundry than any human should ever have to do, and let's not forget about my two gorgeous twin girls that make our family complete! Okay, okay and then there is Titan Dog Mad who...sheds so much hair that it makes me more thankful for my DYSON! So many blessings in my sweet life!

Joseph and I went on a lunch date yesterday and were talking about the great friends we have in our lives. It was such a great talk (so thankful that my hubby and I have deep meaningful talk) and he brought up some good points. One thing that he helped me remember is that I have some amazing friendships. I have 3 best friends and although they are all so different from one another, they have one thing in common -they each have such depth to their lives. Because I crave depth, I walk away from each conversation feeling refeshed and inspired. They know everything about me and love me nonetheless. They are like a comfy old t-shirt that I can be myself in with no pretense. Love, love, love them! Thank you God for Amy, M, and KatieK. I am SO thankful for them - for our history and our future. They are all amazing!

ps. Here is a great fact about them - none of them read my blog regularly!


Sincerely Anna said...

Here's to close girlfriends! Thank the Lord for them - they're so needed in our lives. And yep, mine don't read my blog regularly either. They keep me humble :)

katie Kuntzman said...

I am officially leaving my comment
"Love you my friend!"

The Mad House said...

KatieK - interesting that when I blog about you, you happen to read my blog..."it's all about you"!

I heart you!