Monday, October 22, 2007


I really have enjoyed looking in the past over the last 7 days. So much to be thankful for in my life and I feel quite lucky to have our blog, as a reference point, to look back on.

I put the following poem on our blog a while ago and think it quite fitting to our blog name.

In the midst of moral confusion,
Surrounded by darkness and despair,
God has planted His servants,
Who breathe in Heaven’s air.

With roots reaching deeply into God:
His holiness, mercy, truth and love;
Each moment they are nourished
On nutrients from above.

Having weathered many storms and droughts,
More than once appearing far weaker;
What would have killed lesser souls
Only makes these much stronger.

With their arms ever-stretching upward,
And faces gazing into the light;
They taste the dews each morning,
Drinking in the Spirit’s might.

While many others lie on the ground,
Casualties to the flesh and shame;
These stalwarts have stood the test of time,
Protected through Jesus’ name.

They are the Lord’s own chosen planting,
Displaying His splendor all around;
“Oaks of Righteousness,” He says—
May their number, Lord, abound.

I hope you enjoyed looking back as much as we did!

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