Sunday, October 28, 2007

Speaking is overrated!

I still have no voice! And my family is handling it in their own ways...

Joseph was excited at first but then very quickly realized that he would have to pick up my slack and speak at least 2,000 more words than he normally does, so it quickly became burdensome for the man. Heaven forbid we should burden him with having to speak. A man of few words doesn't like to add more!

Caleb is being sweet and more helpful than usual.

And Luke, well Luke cracks me up. When I am talking to him in a whisper, he responds back with a whisper. And he is finding that it is harder to throw a fit, after all since Mommy can't speak over his fit she just walks away. When he is screaming he has to stop so that he can hear what I'm saying.

Lets recap - Joseph has to do most of the parenting, Caleb is sweet & helpful, and Luke... yep, I may never get my voice back!

On another note, we got back earlier this afternoon from our long weekend with the grandparents and it was super fun! The kids were wonderful, well-behaved and delicious! They all did awesome on the car ride and slept like babies in their new rooms at their Nana Bear's house. Travelling is certainly becoming easier. Or maybe the more kids I have the more relaxed I'm becoming!

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