Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Safety First

Caleb is really getting into climbing trees. His personality is pretty cautious, so he is always concerned with (and I quote) "safety first". What other 5 year old boy has a "safety first" motto? We'll see if this is still his motto into his teens! One, named mom, can hope!

Here is Caleb in his safety gear. Helmet - obvious reasons, goggles - not too sure why, bandanna - the dust was getting in his mouth, 1 glove - because he couldn't find the other and his BDU's - in order to be in camo so that I can't see him.
Oh, and you can't see it well, but he put his Daddy's shoulder boards on his BDU's too. For those of you who aren't military, shoulder boards signify what rank you are. They are supposed to be worn on a completely different uniform, but Caleb likes them barely hanging on his BDU's.
He is hilarious (sometimes) with his uniform. He always wants to wear it, hangs it up and is always asking to iron it. I draw the line at ironing! I barely iron my own clothes!!

Here Caleb is planning his attack of the trees.

I thought this move was pretty cool! Little spider man action.

Almost conquers the tree...barely hanging on. At this point he starts yelling for help in full panic mode.
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jenny said...

That's really awesome. What fun kids you seem to have!!