Thursday, October 25, 2007

Animals at the pumpkin patch

They had quite a few animals at the pumpkin patch. Caleb is always into the animals so that was no suprise, but this time Luke was really into them too. He wanted to pet and touch all of them. That was suprising for him.
Caleb lately has been asking me what kind of animal he is eating. If he is eating pork chops he'll talk about pigs and make pig noises, if it's a hamburger then he'll "mooooo" - SO not necessary for a mom who already has issues with meat!

Mr. Cowboy helping Caleb hold a baby chick.

This kid is seriously cute.

Luke attempting to hold a baby chicken. Another shocker that he even tried.

Luke was trying to make friends with Bessie the cow...dancing for her, talking to her - doesn't seem like she has much interest!
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