Saturday, October 27, 2007


Joseph told me something today.

Something that he has never told me in the 6 years that we have been married. I am told we have more conversations than most couples, but apparently there are still things that we haven't discussed. But don't worry (this means you Lovey!) I will make sure that the rest of our weekend is filled with lots of conversation. And now that I just typed that I realize that once again you are off the hook Lovey Mad - I HAVE NO VOICE! Yep, much to the happiness of the men in my life, I have lost my voice. But I digress....

Joseph told me that I was a FLK. You are probably asking yourself, "What's an FLK?" I asked that same question. Lovey's response, "Funny Looking Kid."

Can you believe it?! I have been walking around for at least the past 20 years thinking that I was a super cute kid! I look at old pictures and think to myself, "yep, those were the good 'ole days." But apparently not.

I think I have to let this one sink in before I find out what other things that man has been keeping from me!


Anonymous said...

Ah, but now Sabrina is a beautiful woman who still catches me eye and causes me to lose my breath.


The Mad House said...

Lovey, YOU are so adorable and I love you so!
Thanks for making me laugh all the time.
Now, let's stop making out over our blog!!!