Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Mom took us to the circus a couple of weekends ago and here are a few pictures of the event...

Nana and her boys! (The babies stayed at home for the circus this year)

We had really great seat...up close and personal!

Poor Caleb was not feeling very well. He had been up throwing up all night and I didn't even think that he was going to be able to go. He really wanted to go and hadn't been sick all morning, so by the afternoon we decided that he could go.

I LOVE this picture of my mama! It is so indicative of how she is as a grandma. Full of fun and excitement!

I just marvel at how in the world he is able to get these 4 wild, dangerous tigers to obey his commands and I can't get 2 little boys to obey mine?

This is Luke's tiger face...ferocious!

I had to get a picture of this overpriced snow cone. $9. N-I-N-E! Luke's was $12. For a snow cone!! And of course, my mom wanted the boys to have everything, so they got everything. Hmph. The good news is that they didn't ask for anything. The bad news is that my mom offered everything and the boys accepted. Joseph keeps telling me that I will be the same way when I am a grandma. (I have a sneaking suspicion that he may be right! Notice how small the print has become?!)

And this very cool picture is the last one that I got before my camera died.


boys4us said...

Great circus pics! Your boys are as handsome as your girls are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I hate the circus! We took our boys to the circus in SD and had to walk through a wall of animal rights protesters with many awful comments. You look like you are having fun. Your mama is adorable.
Just checkin' in.