Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guest Blogger

The Husband’s Viewpoint

While I agree with Sabrina’s story for the most part, I have a few changes. Who’s recollection is better I’m not sure. Perhaps one of these days I’ll try looking through my old records to figure it out.

Anyways, let me provide a little background. Prior to meeting Sabrina I had dated several women who I at least wondered if they might be “the one.” Fortunately, none of them found the thought of being with a guy who had to spend the rest of his life moving every 3 years and who wanted to suffer through 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residency to be appealing. They had their own life aspirations with which mine were incompatible. Thus, I had written off dating. I was done with it. I told God when he found “the one” for me that he had better drag me to the alter because as far as I was concerned I was sitting the bench for the rest of the season.

Now I had met Sabrina before and my first thought was something along the lines of “who is the cute new addition to our study and how can I get her number.” Then she started to speak and I came to the abrupt conclusion that she was a free-spirited, rule defying nutcase. After that our study began to go out for lunch and as I spent more time around Sabrina I realized she had good points to make even if her logic was anything but logical.

And then we went to the Ben Glover concert where I think I actually did something fairly stupid like playfully push her only to find she didn’t feel well. After being such an idiot I felt a need to make up for my stupidity by comforting Sabrina as best I could. During the whole evening at the coffee shop I kept feeling the excitement of trying to start a relationship with her but I kept reminding myself that dating was a bad idea. I tried to just get to know Sabrina better in the hopes of making a good friend. In fact, while running with one of my buddies I repeated told him to stop me if I tried to date Sabrina because I didn’t want to damage our friendship. Meanwhile, every day I couldn’t wait until the next time I would see Sabrina and whenever I saw her my heart would begin racing with excitement (what can I say, I’m dense). Eventually I gave into my feelings and in my very timid way held Sabrina’s hand at a concert. Much to my joy she allowed me to hold her hand. That night in Sabrina’s not so timid way she kissed me totally out of left field. It caught me completely off guard which prompted her to immediately apologize. Of course I assured her no apology was necessary. Sabrina has little inhibition which is one of the many ways see lightens up my life.

Now here is where our views differ. According to my recollection I got my orders to Minot before we made our trip to San Diego. Who know what the correct order of events was but one thing I do know for sure. I know the exact words of our conversation the night I found out I was going to Minot. I called Sabrina knowing that this meant we would either have to break-up or try to manage a long distance relationship from Minot (let’s just say that the Minot International Airport is a little lacking). So I call Sabrina and she tells me what happened when she read the email I sent to her breaking the bad news. Her friend Rudy was reading over her shoulder so she asked him what she should do. Sabrina went on to say that Rudy told her to tell me that she would go with me. Then Sabrina told me “And I would.” At this point I am 100% positive the next word out of Sabrina’s mouth would be “but” so I tried to help her along and said “but . . .” Instead she said, “but nothing.” At that moment I knew Sabrina was the one. Not only did her spontaneity and lively personality add a spark to my life I had never experienced before but she loved me enough to go with me to Minot, ND.

While life since then has not always been easy, each day has been filled with a joy and energy that only Sabrina can provide. Thank you Sabrina for loving me, for allowing me to love you, for giving me 4 wonderful children, and for bringing such immense joy to my life.


Sincerely Anna said...

I love the line "I realized she had good points to make even if her logic was anything but logical". I think Mike has said this about me, verbatim.
Our stories are incredibly similar, it's a little scary. It was very sweet that you guest blogged - how can you put this idea in my husband's head? I'm a little jealous, but then again, everything Sabrina tells us about you makes any wife jealous. You're a great husband to her and you treat her like a queen, which she deserves. Happy Anniversary!

Sab Mad said...

WHAT?! I SO did not kiss you first.

Did NOT!

boys4us said...

Loved this version of the your love story too! What fun to have a guest blogger! Happy Anniversary!

TYLERS said...

I am sorry Sabrina..but for some reason I am leaning towards Joes version..and I can tottally see you making the first move...you are a pretty fast one ya know! Anyways yall are too cute, you should be in a reality show that way we can join in on the fun!