Monday, July 14, 2008

Isn't a stay-at-home mama supposed to stay at home???

At least long enough to blog on her little 'ole blog?!?

If I could blog right now, I would fill you in on all the cool stuff happening over here, but The Lovey will be very sad at me if I start blogging tonight. He has made a rule that there will be no blogging after 10 pm and it is currently 9:48 pm.

The Love is pretty easy going...until I cross him. So I should try not to do that. Especially since tomorrow is our anniversary!

I'm planning on blogging our "love story" tomorrow. Seriously, you don't want to miss this...there may be a guest blogger and I will give you 1 clue who it is: he doesn't like me blogging after 10pm!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

My husband gets so mad at me for blogging when (he thinks) I should be doing something else. So what do I do? I wait until he's asleep and blog at 1:00 am. Probably not the best option, honestly.

Anonymous said...

I woke with Ms Monica on my heart this morning. I am praying for her. Some things just aren't healed until heaven, but I'm asking for His peace for her family. Why is it that we think that they are safe once we make it beyond the fear of SIDS?

I am praying for your love story to be just are sizzling in these days as it was in the beginning, blessing upon blessing.